【SANKU】Red pine, red pine, health food, diabetes, gangrene, avoidance of foot amputation

Gnick, fresh vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine, and Lae Dox (Limbam that releases poison in the body)
Prevention, shortwave, negative ion, AC equipment sales for the first time in Japan.
We sell essential oil herbs, fresh herbs, and red pine supplements containing .

We are conducting clinical research on disease prevention and disease prevention in a way that relieves pain.

We are studying fundamental treatment, non-disease, and prevention.

If you think of blood vessels as chimneys, the inside of chimneys gets dirty with age.
Charcoal, soot, fat, neutral-fat LDL glycated lipid, etc., are dissolved when carbohydrates, which cause diabetes, are converted into energy.(ketone body),calcium, lipid peroxide Iron (iron oxide) sticks to the inner river of the blood vessels,narrowing the inside of the blood vessels, causing diabetes, high blood pressure, cerebral infarction, cancer, etc.

"These stains are dissolved by the action of ""terpene"" possessed by red pine trees, discharged from the body, and all vascular arteries and capillaries (99%) are cleaned to provide oxygen and nutrition to every corner of the body to maintain a clean and healthy body."
We are doing research to spread this wonderful "refined red pine" to the world.
Essential oils, herbal crude drugs and red pine trees have been proven to have 68 times more active liver cell growth factors (HGF).
liver, ammonia, lack of albumin urate, metal thioneine (RNA, protein) fatty liver, cholesterol, LDL, diabetes, glycated lipid (ketone body) Oesophageal drinking acetaldehyde, lung, COPD trachea, asthma, steroid withdrawal redox (deterioration) Mercury, cadmium, cisplatin excretion, rheumatism, neurotoxicity, nerve paralysis, (paralysis after cerebral infarction, incurable disease) capillaries are stabilized from the inside.
We can think of ways to prevent cancer, aging, and all kinds of diseases.

Do you take crude drugs, herbal medicines, or health foods after getting sick or cancer?Can you swallow so that you don't get sick or cancer?
You can take Akamatsu before or after you get sick.
Invest in yourself to live 100 years of your life well."Akamatsu is a health food worth investing in.Crude drugs are made of type L amino acids, and drugs are made of type D, so they will become resistant to the human body and will eventually become ineffective.Crude drugs have ionic properties, so what is needed is accepted and what is unnecessary is excreted.(Mr. Netsuki, University of Tokyo)

Please do not use it together with the medicine of the hospital medicine.There are times when there is a "certificate" or "antibody reaction."Please make sure to consult with us if you use it together.
If you have been taking medicine from the hospital for a long time,please consult with us.I have something to tell you.(About drug metabolism)
Please consult about anti-cancer drugs, steroids, and chemicals.
We will take care of all kinds of problems.

Contact us for a consultation

E-mail:e_sanku_e@yahoo.co.jp TEL.080-1533-2490 FAX.099-225-2490
Consultant physician/general practitioner: Kenji Komatsu

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Recommended Products

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Pomegranate Jelly

Pomegranate Jelly

Decreased secretion of female hormones with aging causes depression, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, and other symptoms of menopause. Estrone contained in pomegranate has the same function as female hormones and is expected to balance female hormones and relieve various symptoms caused by menopause.

5,400 yen (tax included)

Red pine capsules (30 capsules)

Red pine capsules (30 capsules)

Those who want to maintain their health (anti-aging), relieve fatigue,prevent hay fever and dementia, and clean up blood vessels from the inside.
Fatty, lipid peroxide/aging odor male fat odor the person who wants to poison the nerves (mercury/central god)(Pass), smokers (cadmium), and drinkers (acetaldehi) Do), hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cholesterol, neutral fat, LDL (glycosified lipid)
Prevention of back pain and knee pain, etc. Campaign in progress!Buy 10 and get 1 free
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12,000 yen (tax included)

Akamatsu Herb [Beauty Wave](30mL)

Akamatsu Herb [Beauty Wave](30mL)

【Approved by Akamatsu-Boubu Beauty Solution Ministry】 This is a great deal ,You can use two kinds of way .as a herb,and a beauty essence.
It is recommended for sniffing before going to bed, applying it to your ears and nose with cotton swabs, and for your scalp, face, hands and feet.When you apply it to your face, whole body, or shoulder, you can relax and sleep well.I can get rid of my fatigue.
Campaign in progress!Buy 10 and get 1 free
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11,000 yen (tax included)

Ultrashort wave beauty instrument

Ultrashort wave beauty instrument

Deep to various parts by warming from the inside of the carada with a pleasant feeling of warmth 6cm intensive treatment effect is expected.
It enhances cell activity and immunity.I'm sorry.
It is recommended for lower back pain and fatigue.

399,300 yen (tax included)

negative ion

Negative ion

Full-body paralysis, lower-body paralysis, children's paralysis,Prevention of sexual paralysis, release of fascia, release of muscle rigidity, neuroactivity (spinal cord), improvement of skin disease, Electrostatic removal, energy replenishment, and physical strength enhancement

363,000 yen (tax included)

Recabaron alternating machine

Recabaron alternating machine

Stiff shoulders and diet students who are tired from migraines or chronic headaches, posture, mental tension, and cold.
Chronic constipation caused by disturbance of vital and autonomic nerves, difficulty in falling asleep, and failure to wake up in the middle.
It's perfect for sleep sickness.

807,400 yen (tax included)

Customer Comments

I had a pain in my back for many years, and I went to the laboratory because I wanted to do something about it.
I took natural remedis during the physical therapy, but honestly, I didn't know what they were for.

Only my My back hurts, so I wondered why I had to take it.
When the operation started, I complained that my back hurt, but she didn't touch it at all.
The physical therapy started at the end of the foot and hand.
I thought it would be cured with Such a treatment,but I trusted this therapist wealth of knowledge and absolute confidence and I left everything to her.

Treatment are not only involves touching muscles, but also adjusting joints, improving blood flow, improving lymphatic flow,
Improve skin metabolism, normalization of autonomic nerves, improvement of visceral function, detoxification from the inside of the body, etc.
It was completely different from what I had imagined.

I started to understand why I took natural remedis rudruduring the procedure.
I intuitively understood that if I continue to receive this therapist's treatment, my whole body will improve.
In the first procedure, I didn't check my back, but I was able to see my whole body.
I felt clearly that the outside and inside of the body began to change after the therapy.

After several treatments, the pain in the back eventually disappeared.
I was able to experience the lightness of my body since I was in elementary school.

Also, why should I take this natural remedis and what is it good for?
and know how to react to your body.

The amount of knowledge of the therapist who can use crude drugs differently depending on his physical condition is amazing.

And experience has made me realize that the crude drugs she recommend are all athentic.
It's completely different from the supplements that are overflowing in the streets.It's totally different and It's not comparable.

The therapist's treatment was painful sometimes.There were times when the pain remained after the therapy.
However, it seems that the body understands that the pain will improve dramatically.

For my part, I had only a positive feeling, both consciously and emotionally.
In fact, my body changed and improved.

I felt some sort of malaise, such as physical or internal malaise.
If you're serious and want to improve your health, please try it.
Please visit the "Body Laboratory."
She examined my whole body from various perspectives.
I think you will feel the change and improvement of your body that you can't get anywhere else.

【SANKU】Red pine, red pine, health food, diabetes, gangrene, avoidance of foot amputation

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